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  • 13 mars 2018

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    1. Swedish citizens.


      Swedish citizens may travel to Poland without any visa only with valid ID – passport or National Identity Card. There is no validity period for ID as long as it is at least valid on the day of arrival in Poland. Please be aware that in the case when the ID expires during your trip to Poland you may be refused by airline, bus or ferry to be admitted aboard. Please consult your carrier before your travel.


      More information about travelling within the European Union:


      If you require consular assistance while in Poland please contact Swedish Embassy in Warsaw:




    2. Non EU citizens - residents in Sweden.


      If you are non EU citizen residing legally in Sweden you can travel to Poland with your valid passport and with the valid permanent or temporary Swedish residence card. If your residence card expired and you must travel to Poland please check our Visa section for the information.


      You will find more information about travelling within the European Union here:




    3. Travelling to Poland with pets:


      •         up-to-date vaccination records (against rabies),

      •         up-to-date veterinary health certificates, (clinical examination, deworming, deticking)

      •         pet passport (issued by a vet) with description of color, race and sex of the animal together with a microchip number or tattoo,

      •         microchip implant (The microchip  should comply with ISO Standard 11784 or Annex A to ISO standard 11785. Poland currently accepts AVID 9 and AVID 10 in addition to ISO. The microchip must be implanted before the rabies vaccine is administered).

      •         if you use container to carry the dog it must be suitable for the dog.

      •         It is only allowed to carry animals at age of minimum 3 months and when at least 21 days passed since the last important vaccination against rabies.


      You will find more information about travelling with pets here:




    Please be advised that in the most of the places in Poland the dog has to be on the leash at all time or has to have muzzle on if walking freely.





    4.      Travelling with firearms.



    Travelling with hunting weapons to Poland is possible if you have either permission issued by the Embassy or European Weapon Permit. 


    I. Permission issued by the Embassy :



    The permission may be issued only for persons who are at least 21 years old.

    One permission is issued for all weapons brought for the same hunt. No separate permission is required for additional weapon(s).

    The permission is valid for up to 30 days as of the date of entry into Poland. If the permission expires while the hunter is still in Poland, the weapon and ammunition should be deposited in the police station closest to the hunter's place of stay in Poland

    The ammunition to the weapon specified on the permission should not exceed 100 bullets. Additionally, on the basis of a valid permission, the hunter is entitled to buy ammunition to his/her weapon(s) in Poland

    While crossing the Polish border, the hunter should present the permission to the Border Guard officers to receive stamps that confirm the import and export of weapon to and from Poland.


    The following documents are required by the Embassy to issue the permission:

    1.good-quality, legible photocopy of the hunter's passport (page with photo),

    2.good-quality, legible photocopy of the hunter's Swedish weapon permission,

    3.voucher (confirmation of booking of the hunt) issued by the Polish organizer

    4.filled-in application form.


    The documents may be brought in personally or sent to the Consular Section by post.



    II. European Weapon Permit :


    According to the Polish law, from the 1 of May 2004, holders of the European Weapon Permits may enter Poland with their hunting weapons in case of participation in hunting events if they can prove the real reason for the necessity to travel with a weapon. This means that the European Weapon Permit alone will not be sufficient for a person to enter into Poland with a weapon. The person will have to have additional document for example a voucher for hunting. The weapon imported into Poland should be specified in the European Weapon Permit. The ammunition to the weapon should not exceed 100 bullets.


    We also inform that after the 1st of May 2004 persons can still obtain a permission to enter Poland with their hunting weapons from the Consular Section of the Embassy (as described in point I.).

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