• Att vara trogen mitt fosterland, Republiken Polen



  • 18 januari 2019

    "Waza" association is in the process of establishing on the initiative of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Stockholm and a group of Poles active in business and science in Sweden.

    The inaugural meeting of the association took place on January 15, 2019 at the Polish Embassy in Stockholm. The aim of the emerging organization will be to increase the visibility of young Poles working in Sweden and to uplift the brand of Poland and Poles in the Swedish society, administration and business environment. The organization will be open specifically to young Polish professionals and specialists working in Sweden, and its main objectives will include: greater integration of the community, mutual assistance of members of the association, increasing and unifying external communication and, ultimately, creating a thriving multi-member institution that will be noticed and respected by the Swedish side. The first meeting gathered 25 people, mainly from Stockholm and was aimed at socializing among future members, presenting the logo, discussing structures, methods of communication, organization management, as well as initial plans of the association's activities.


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