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  • 24 juni 2019

    On June 24th Chargé d’affaires a.i. of Poland Tomasz Grzybkowski awarded an author Artur Szulc with Honorary distinction "Bene Merito" for his activity strengthening Poland’s position in the international arena. He highlighted merits of the awarded for promoting Poland to Swedish audience.

    Artur Szulc is an historian and writer. For more than a decade hee has promoted history of Poland and Polish-Swedish relations. Between 2008 and 2019 he wrote around 50 articles. They were published in Scandinavian mainly Swedish newspapers. He is taking up topics which are less known in Sweden: the Battle of Warsaw (1920), the Warsaw Uprising, history of Polish cavalry after the world war one, the Battle of Monte Cassino, massacres of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia as well as the Bernese group  about Polish diplomats saving Jews during the second world war.


    Artur Szulc authored a book Polens Historia, showing history of Poland since its christianization by now. He also wrote I skuggan av Auschwitz where he depicts crimes committed by Nazi Germans. It was the first book in Swedish about the German Nazi concentration camps. Chargé d’affaires underlined promoting efforts of Artur Szulc. Director of Polish Institute  Paweł Ruszkiewicz has expressed words of appreciation for longstanding cooperation with the awarded.


    The ceremony gathered: a representative of Parliament, director of Polish Institute Paweł Ruszkiewicz, Head of Consular Section Grzegorz Jagielski, as well as relatives and friends of Artur Szulc. 


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